Monday, August 9, 2010

Three Cheers for Anne Rice

          Anne Rice gave a great interview on NPR last week. Quoting Rice, NPR called it "Today I Quit Being a Christian," but they both should have said "Today I Quit Being a Catholic." Rice, who was raised Catholic, left the church when she was 16 and then re-joined the church in 1998. Rice made some general comments about the quarrelsome nature of Christianity, but it was the Catholic Church's role in public policy that provided the final straw that convinced her to leave organized religion while retaining her faith in God.  Specifically, she complained, 


          Rice's interview occurred just two days before Judge Vaughn Walker invalidated California's ban on gay marriage as a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses. The opinion is cause for celebration because it extends constitutional rights to gay Americans that other Americans have long enjoyed, which is what the Fourteenth Amendment is supposed to do. The California Catholic Conference promptly announced its opposition to the decision and pledged to continue the fight against gay marriage. 


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  1. I enjoy reading this blog, but I do not understand this particular post. Why three cheers for Anne Rice? I haven't listened to the interview, but from what I read here it seems she was unaware of the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality when she rejoined the church in 1998. That is puzzling to me, as I imagine that even many non-Catholics know about the church's teaching on this subject. I guess it is a good thing that Rice finally found out the truth of the matter, but overall this story seems more puzzling than cheerful.